When my mother's Alzheimer's disease progressed to the point where she could no longer remain at home, Attorney Hooker was referred to me. My father's health was also declining. After having spent so much time and effort that most any family member would also willingly devote to such circumstances, the last thing I thought I wanted was a lawyer to further complicate matters. But, from the very beginning, Attorney Hooker and his team of professionals became more. They became an extension of family in the best sense of the word. While dealing with the myriad of federal and state laws and regulations, mountains of required paperwork and the attendant bureaucracy accompanying Medicaid applications, long-term care and financial matters, they unfailingly demonstrated genuine concern, caring and compassion. And they were on top of things at all times. My mother has passed now, but assets were protected for my father. He is now in long-term care and, again, I turned to Attorney Hooker and his team for help. I cannot recommend Attorney Hooker more. Such emotional and complicated circumstances cannot be navigated alone.

Greg Dillard, Belchertown, Massachusetts